Who we are

And why we love design & imaging

A Graphic Design & Imaging Company

Based in the wilds of west wales

We have both travelled to many different parts of the world but we always found ourselves back in Pembrokeshire. It’s just a beautiful place to live! Most of our work is done remotely from our little studio by the river Cleddau but sometimes we work further afield. The beauty of the internet and remote work is the ability to work anywhere and sometimes we do just that! We have built websites in the Swiss Alps, designed digital brochures in Vietnam and drawn logos in the Irish Sea. Our work allows us to do what we love. It makes us happy and happy designers = happy customers.

Local Design

International Customers

We work with companies big and small, local and far away. The internet has made the world a much smaller place. Despite our rural location we have customers across the globe from here in Wales to the USA, Vietnam and Australia. With the help of email, skype, file sharing and other great inventions we can talk to our customers wherever they are in the world.

Our Portfolio

Drawing & Photos

Paper • Pencils • Vintage Photography

At Percolated Design we love technology but we also love the simple things. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a pencil and a piece of paper to start and finish a piece of great design. Photography is also a big source of inspiration for us. The digital kind and the real, old fashioned film kind. We have a much loved collection of vintage cameras that we use just as often as our digital kit.

Our Portfolio

We love to Learn

From New Skills to the latest Technology

Learning and discovering new things is something we love doing and we think it helps to keep our designs fresh and exciting. Design in our digital world is a constantly evolving beast and we are never afraid to admit that we could know more about our subject. There is always a new device, development in code writing practice, a new code language or a new piece of software that needs to be investigated. Whether it’s reading, online research or attending short courses we love to learn!

Our Portfolio

We love designing for our clients

It’s not just the design we love, it’s also working with our customers. As a design company we get to meet great people who run amazing businesses and make wonderful things. We think we are very lucky!

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