DRONE & AERIAL Photography

FULLY LICENSED BY THE CIvil Aviation Authority

A Unique Perspective

Professional Aerial Photography & Videography

See the world from above! Drone and aerial photography give a truely unique perspective. Allowing you to show your customers aspects of your business that until now were hard to capture. Whether you own a campsite, architectural firm, AirBnB or organise events, aerial footage can be invaluable. Use it to advertise or simply to inpspect and inform descisions about your site. The commercial applications are vast.

Aerial Photography & Video

Commercial • Lifestyle • EVENTS • Inspection

Aerial photography can provide a unique perspective for your destination, property, product or services. Every location is different and every project requires different outcomes. With aerial photography more than any other, planning is paramount. We take the time to discuss your photoshoot with you before it happens. Thinking about everything from style, atmosphere and props to location, light and weather. In addition we also do a full location check before providing you with an estimate. This gives us the opportunity to assess any potential flight risks and permissions and ensure there are no hidden costs at the end. Our style is relaxed but we will give you tips and advice along the way, to help you and your company look your best. We want you to be your truly happy with your images.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with raw video footage, edited video and/or photographic stills. Working with you to produce a complete visual edit that meets your requirements.

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Commercial drone Pilot

Fully Licensed • Insured • Professional
Our fully qualified drone pilot is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Drones may be new but our pilot has been exploring aerial imaging for years. With over 15 years experience teaching kite surfing and power kiting to an advanced level, our pilot is used to heights! This gives him exceptional spacial awareness and provides a unique understanding of the aerial environment and the challanges involved. Our first aerial videography was done not with drones but with the original GoPro attached to the lines of a kite, 25 metres in the air! Add to this a wealth of photography and videography experience and you have a truely skilled, professional drone pilot.
Our Portfolio

Site Specific Estmates

Every drone flight is different and the cost will depend on the location and the end product. We’re happy to discuss all the options with you so please get in touch.


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