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Graphic design is all about communication.

In order to communicate effectively with your customers you first need to be communicating in the right place. There’s no point standing in a field shouting about how great your business is where nobody can here you. You need to think… Where are my customers? Where are they most likely to hear me? Are they more likely to see an advert on Facebook or pick up a leaflet somewhere? Once you’ve decided on your stage, it’s time to start designing. That’s where we come in!

Graphic Design for Print

Business Cards • Brochures • Leaflets • Packaging

Graphic design for traditional print media such as posters, flyers, business cards and product brochures is still very much a part of what we do. There are still many situations where traditional media is the best solution for generating custom. Such as targeting an audience unique to your location, business’s services and products or a distinct demographic. We started our design careers working with this type of media and still relish the chance to produce physical products, as there is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh print run.


These are often the first things customers will see and first impressions are always important! Perhaps you have an existing design you’d like updated or maybe you want something new and fresh?


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HTML Emails • Digital DOCUMENTS • Infographics

We live in a digital world and much of what we see is on our phones, laptops and computers. It’s important to recognise this when designing for your business. At Percolated Design we can help you with a range of digital platforms, producing graphic design that works across different devices for the maximum effect. Whether it’s artwork for social media, online pdfs, digital brochures or html emails we can help. These documents don’t have to be static, we also build templates for email marketing systems and digital pdfs so that you can update them yourself.


It’s all about enabling you to communicate with your customers in the best possible way.


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Are you interested in creating a new image for your company? We offer a complete branding and corportate identity package including everything from logos, company colours, fonts and business stationary.


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