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It’s all about your business. What’s important to you? What do you think makes you stand out from the crowd? Why do you love what you do? These are things that help to build your brand identity. Our job is to help you communicate all the great things about your business with your customers in a quick, easily digestible format. Consistency is key here, your customers have to know it’s you whether your writing a Facebook post, launching a new website or sending an email. This is called business identity and we can help put it all together for you.



Everyone loves a story and this is a big part of branding. The other more challenging part is how to communicate that story with others using imagery, typography and colour. At percolated.design we develop a complete branding package for you including company colours, fonts, image styles, slogans and advertising formats. This will provide you with a pallet for your companies marketing and ensure that you have consistency across the board.


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Hand Drawn • Typography • CUstom Graphics

Your logo helps people recognise you. It’s part of your brand and it helps to link everything together, making it easy for people to identify your website, business cards and flyers as yours. Whether you’ve got a clear idea, a sketch or you would like to start from scratch we’ll work with you every step of the way and help design you a logo you love!

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Business Identity

In years gone by this consisted of a business card, letter head and compliment slip. These are still important but in this digital world we now offer an email signature, Facebook & Twitter cover images, profile images for all social media, newsletter templates and more.

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