Having exchanged emails and phone calls with the NOMNOM Chocolate team over the summer it was wonderful to finally meet them at The Big Cwtch festival last month. We were particularly excited to see (and taste!) the chocolate bar design we’d been working on together as a collaboration for the festival. Sales of “The Big Cwtch – Marshmallows & Magic” will help to raise money for Ski4All Wales.


The Ministry of Mischief

The NOMNOM Chocolate naughty corner was a place to explore delicious chocolate with some great workshops for children. This is where all the chocolate bricks were made for the launch of the pirate ship (read on to find out more…).  There were so many delicious flavours we had to sample a few!


A chocolate feast

During the festival NOMNOM Chocolate put on a fabulous chocolatey feast. The Llys Meddyg Tipi played host whilst children of all ages gorged themselves on an edible beach scene. Hand crafted the by NOMNOM team and delivered in style by pirate choclatiers, it was quite spectacular!


Chocolate Bricks, a Pirate Ship & The NOMNOM Chocolate Factory

Chocolate is great but a pirate ship really appeals to our seafaring roots! We arrived at The Big Cwtch festival just in time to see the launch preparations. The NOMNOM team had been working hard with festival goers, making chocolate bricks and a fantastic pirate ship. What was this all in aid of you might ask? Well… NOMNOM are building a chocolate factory and this was the launch their chocolaty marketing campaign. Everyone is encouraged to join in and you can help build this new factory by buying chocolate bricks. Find out more on the NOMNOM Choclate Facebook page.