Don’t Be Vain Protect Your Brain

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This lovely charity raise money to build awareness about head injuries and why it’s so important to wear a helmet.

The Brief

To design a double sided flyer with information on how and why to wear your helmet properly.

Our Solution

  • child friendly language
  • imagery and illustration to emphasis the messages
  • infographics
  • strong use of colour
  • bold typography

It was important that the flyer appealed to children, teenagers and adults so we opted for a bright, bold colour scheme. The text needed to be easy to read and eye catching. To achieve this we used contrasting fonts, with a clean sans-serif font for the main body text and a more playful font for the titles. There was a lot of information to convey and we wanted to avoid huge paragraphs of text that no one would read. The solution was some custom illustration and infographics to deliver they message visually.


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