Wales Activity Mapping

Graphic Design | Icon Design | Layout Design | Web Design

This Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum project is a study into the type, amount and distribution of activities carried out on the South West Wales Coastline which includes information on relevant infrastructure and management issues. It is a proactive approach to ensure the long term sustainability of tourism and recreation.


To design and build a responsive website for the Wales Activity Mapping project. The website needed to give an overview of the project for the general public whilst also conveying a lot of detailed information to interested parties. The challenge was to convey a large volume of data in a visually appealing way that was also easy to read and explore.


  • responsive website design
  • icons
  • layout design
  • data capture when redirecting users to GIS mapping
  • sourcing of stock photography and videography

We worked with the Wales Activity Mapping team to create a responsive website that delivers a large amount of complex data is a visually appealing way. In order to keep the audience engaged whilst maintaining legibility we used icons in combination with text and imagery. The GIS mapping system itself is hosted on a separate site so users are redirected to it when they click to visit the mapping. We created a data capture system which gathers information on the type of user and purpose of their visit by creating a short pop-up form for users to complete before the redirection is completed.



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